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Flavor Profiles

Before launching JST WRKā„¢ Energy, we tried nearly every zero sugar energy drink on the market. We also went through several rounds of sampling and were extremely critical with each flavor we chose.

JST WRKā„¢ Energy is available in a variety of flavors, including ICEEĀ® Cherry, ICEEĀ® Blue Raspberry, Glacier, and Shark Bite. We understand that taste is subjective, but we're confident that you will love our selection of flavors.

If you need some help choosing which flavor is right for you, check out the descriptions below!

JST WRKā„¢ Flavor Profiles

ICEEĀ® Cherry

If we could describe JST WRKā„¢ Energy ICEEĀ® Cherry in three words, it would be nostalgic, sweet, and bold. With advancements in flavor technology, we were able to capture the authentic taste of an ICEEĀ® Cherry slushie without any calories or sugar.

Time travel may not be possible, but with every sip of JST WRKā„¢ Energy ICEEĀ® Cherry get ready to be transported back to your beloved childhood. A lot has changed over the years, but ICEEĀ® will always be Americaā€™s original, frozen treat.

ICEEĀ® Blue Raspberry

JST WRKā„¢ Energy ICEEĀ® Blue Raspberry is nostalgic, sweet, and slightly tart. In case you didn't know, The ICEEĀ® Company was the original creator of the flavor blue raspberry. After they released it in the early 1970's other companies followed suit. So it's not a surprise that blue raspberry is one of their most iconic flavors of all time.

Similar to ICEEĀ® Cherry, we were able to re-create the authentic taste of an ICEEĀ® Blue Raspberry slushie in a carbonated beverage. Best of all, it's calorie-free, sugar-free, and doesn't contain any sugar alcohols. JST WRKā„¢ Energy ICEEĀ® Blue Raspberry is a guilt-free treat that's equally tasty and nostalgic.


JST WRKā„¢ Energy Glacier is a citrusy flavor that's tart, light, and refreshing. For those of you that don't want anything that's overly sweet or strong tasting, this is the one we would recommend.

It may be fun to mix it up once in a while, but we're confident that Glacier will be the one you always go back to time and again. This original flavor will be your new daily driver when it comes to energy drinks. It just doesn't get old.

Shark Bite

JST WRKā„¢ Energy Shark Bite is an orange mango flavored beverage that's perfectly carbonated to enhance the user experience. With every sip, your taste buds will be transported to a tropical paradise.

Overall, the best way to describe this flavor is citrusy, crisp, and refreshing. No matter where you are, JST WRKā„¢ Energy Shark Bite will be something you look forward to... like a dream vacation.

Which Flavor is Right For You?

Overall, the ICEEĀ® Cherry and ICEEĀ® Blue Raspberry flavors are the most sweet and flavorful, whereas the Shark Bite and Glacier are on the lighter side. Shark Bite and ICEEĀ® Blue Raspberry both use natural flavors.

ICEE CherryĀ® and Glacier use a combination of natural and artificial flavors. The only flavor that doesn't contain any artificial colors is Glacier so keep that in mind when choosing which flavor is right for you.